About Biljana Kroll

Biljana is a graphic designer, author, and illustrator orginally from Maceodonia. The three storybooks were illustrated as a part of her Master of Fine Arts (MFA) thesis project. She has also self-published several college textbooks in the subjects of graphic design and illustration. She now teaches art and graphic design classes in North Carolina. When not working she enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and two cats. To learn more about her visit her website: BiljanaKroll.com. To learn more about the college textbooks she has created visit: InaSemester.com

About Lilia Stoytcheva

Lilia is a master pianist originally from Bulgaria. The beautiful piano music that is heard on all of the books was played by her. To learn more visit her website: LiliaStoytcheva.com

About Chad Kroll

Chad is a programmer and User Interface consultant. He has done programming for Android, iPhone, and for the web. He enjoys biking to work and training in the martial arts. Check out one of his recent iPhone projects: Macedonian Dictionary

About Theresa Jackson

Theresa is a full-time grandmother and great-grandmother in Pittsburgh, PA. We are really blessed to have had her lend her great voice acting skills to the Princess and Pea book!

About Frank Jackson

Frank is a programmer and musician out of Pittsburgh, PA. Check out his cool web game website: Littlejar.com

About Sonja Bosevska

Sonja is the mother of Biljana and helped to translate the English text to Macedonian.